Friday, June 8, 2012

Knickers and Love (Part 2)

Picture from the movie The Uninvited

“Su, lets click a picture!” 
I keep all the shopping bags aside and stand besides her. 
We grin into the camera.
“Nice! Now keep clicking my pictures in every dress I try.” Sania thumps the camera into my hands and locks herself back in the trial room. 
I look at our picture and smile. 

“How do I look?” 
“You know you look great, don’t you?” I say, looking up from the book my head was buried into.
“No, my hair looks bad. I want my hair to be like yours. Do something about it, will you?” Sania sulks and sits down besides me. 
I comb the strands of her hair and twist it into a bun. 
“So, where is that gentleman taking you?” I ask.
“Don’t know yet. It’s a surprise.” She says smiling. “Thanks for doing the hair.” 
“Have fun!”

“We kissed. And it was amazing.” I open my eyes and see Sania sitting besides me. I roll over and sleep again.
“Su. Talk to me. I need to tell you the details.” She tugs at me to get up. 
“Tomorrow please. I’m tired.”
“Fine. Be a bitch!” She says. She hugs me and falls asleep. I eventually hug her back.

Sisters are supposed to be close, right? 
Soul mates. Best friends. Soul sisters.. They are meant to be everything. But it was different with Sania and me. 
We were never close. She led her own life, and I led mine. Rarely any secrets sharing, no crying with each other during break ups, no mutual friends, no nail painting together. We were just sisters. Well that is what I always thought.

The days passed. And so did months. 
The house got busier day by day and Sania grew happier. 
Soon the big day was about to arrive.

Coming next: Final Part :)
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  1. That's how I am with my family actually. We're not that close at all. But I am loving the story :)

  2. some turner this ones gonna be...i feel it :D

  3. supa dupa awsum :)loved it :) excited fr da final part :)

  4. thanks for the translator, now i can understand it better (:

  5. Nice update on the sister relationship ~ I think sister or any family bonding needs time and care; its not automatic that since you live in the same house, you become close. Family, like friendship, need some work ~ Thanks for your visit to my blog ~

  6. So sad to hear that you two aren't that close and you don't talk a lot.

    Don't worry! Despite the way she treats you, just stay patient and relaxed. Be a sister to her. ;-)

  7. I bet theres a beautiful twist waiting ahead..and me waiting to read it :)

  8. oh i def fel like you are building me up for a twist that is going to rock me...ha....interesting interplay between them...

  9. Philo,

    Nicely moving forward. Looking for next part.

    Take care

  10. Sometimes, I wish I had a sister!....Nice update....waiting for next...

  11. it is not easy to be an only child and times like these I miss having a sister..holding on to your next series Philo ;)

  12. Well progressive... Alike soul mates, seeing as a foe has been revolving among siblings, but a understanding happens only later if we miss them a lot.

  13. Read the both part and as always you always create curiosity what will happen next...So I will eagerly await for your final post.
    Lovely as always so please keep writing:)

  14. this is story after all ha?
    sounds like real life one :)

  15. omg you can`t make us wait for the next part! Write it soon :P

  16. Noooooo, don't make us wait more! I hate waiting :-( I wanna know what happensssssssss

  17. w8ing for the last part...Ms.Writer...:)

  18. Nice post, but I didnt read the previous part, so you might have know what was running in my mind as I was reading the first few paras ;)

  19. Am trying to catch up with your lovely writing , Juhi:)Await next one!

  20. You knew I was gonna love this, didn't you?

    I absolutely did! :)

    And the DP..dreamy it is. :)

  21. My first time here... and am absolutely hooked to this story. You write really well. Keep it up, and do bring on the last episode soon :-).

  22. Waiting for the next bit! :-)


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