Friday, July 15, 2011

Blinded By Your Love.

You take my hands in yours,
Pulling me close
You guide me out.

The taps fills my heart,
Bringing a smile to my face.

You lift me in your arms,
And twirl me around..

I feel the raindrops on my neck,
As you bring me down.

You cup my face in your warm palms,
My hands I lay on your heart.

Your wet lips you place on mine,
This time
Your smell fills me up!

Taking my hand in yours,
I feel you slide your love down my finger...
I feel your kiss on my hand,
I hear you say...

You want to be with me forever.

Tears roll down my cheeks

I reach out to you
Pull you close..

I trace your face with my fingertips,
And tell you,
And I won't ever let go.

I feel...
Your face twitch into a smile
Even though I can't see you,
I know you're looking into my eyes.

Even though I'll never be able to look at you,
I know
I'll always be the angel of yours eyes!


  1. The touch of a love is so convincing, so comforting.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. lovely, beautiful and pure miss random:)

    Weakest LINK

  3. i wish to be blinded by this kind of heart-warming~ :D

  4. nice....
    touched me more as I am also in love with someone..although perhaps its onesided :(

  5. I suppose you never left your style of writing, eh? The idea is novel, the words are typically you. ;)

  6. Awwwh! It's so sweet. I love the romance in it ♥ :]


Your words mean a lot :)