Sunday, June 19, 2011

Their Eyes Say It All..

They have so little, yet...they have no option.
They live, they smile, even though they are broken inside!
Their hearts bleed..
Their eyes say it all!


  1. They continue to live and be happy about what they have, even though they have so little. Innocence in the eyes, shines like a spark so brilliant.

    Beautiful pics.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Nice pics dear.... i have been good,,,, anything new?

  3. i love the pics..and your caption..they match ^^

    RE:I am currently a third year college student..taking financial management ^^

    thanks..I really hope to regain it :)

  4. Why in B&W.. !! good pics. dont spoil the originality and try to reduce Photoshop to Max out the product.

  5. learn from them then :)

    and juhi suits u more tha philo.

  6. Extraordinaire post,..vry human and touchy,..they have their own goals and they achieve in smooth way coz they do not rush the way we do, sometimes we even forget what we are...

    hey thnx for visiting ma blog...
    do visit again as there is more about colors in rainbow

  7. I don't recall seeing these pictures.

    Oh well. You know how fond I'm of your photography. Nicely done. :)

  8. nice picturs !
    and agreed with raj ! juhi suits you better !

  9. Juhi,

    Beautifully captured photographs and such nice short poem to say it all.

    Take care

  10. Amazing...! You captured it very well. Loved your under notes too. Have a good day!

  11. Wow .. I loved the pics and the caption .. First time on ur blog,loved it :)

  12. They find joy in little things and we somehow are never content with all that we have.. Love the photo's :)

  13. WOW.. i must say.. really nice clicks.. :) loved all of it. all of them say a story through their eyes :)


Your words mean a lot :)