Monday, January 17, 2011

Clinging To Your Memories...

Once again you're gone and I'm left all alone. All alone without you...your lingering presence is all I can feel. I know you had to go, but somehow my heart is just not ready to accept the fact that you're no longer near me. Your imprint has been laid upon my heart and I just wish I could turn back time and have a look of you once again. I wish I could be with you and continue to have you besides me...I wish you didn't have to go!

But, wishes don't always come true, right?

You really have gone away...and your memories are the only thing keeping me alive. But, at the same time, it's breaking me apart, slowly...and my cry for your love, you cannot hear!

You're gone, gone with the wind, far away from where I lie...waiting for you to come back to me...!


  1. lovely :)

    a 17 year old with such feelings? :P

  2. same question as above :P
    Imprinted :/

  3. Saying goodbye is one of the hardest, and worst things I've ever had to do.
    Nice expression of emotion.

  4. Missing some one, it shows.
    Take care.
    Nice read.

  5. The post pretty much lives upto your name. Lonely Dreamer indeed :P

  6. this is so sad..but i know the feeling..i can relate somehow..:<

    btw..check my latest post @ my blog! :D it's about my first oneshot manga! ^^

  7. Missing is not always the thing, sometimes you should dig deep down, you miss the presence or the feeling?

    Take care...

  8. :( i hope everythings feels and seems brighter now :)

  9. Hope, that keeps one alive, but it's tougher you know and probably better to survive without it.


Your words mean a lot :)