Friday, December 3, 2010


Why is it that I always write sad stuff?
Why is it that there's always a flow of negativity in me?
Why is it that I always feel so lonely?
Why is it that there is always a shadow cast over me?
Why is it that I always let my past haunt me?
Why is it that fear grips me again and again?
Why is it that I'm afraid to fall in love?
Why is it that I'm scared of rejection and being left alone?
Why is it that whenever I see hope, I avoid it?
Why is it that whenever I feel happiness around me, I find sorrow in it?
Why am I so scared to face the truth?
Why am I so scared to be me?
Why do I keep running away?
Why am I afraid to live once again?


  1. Hi...just look at your previous post...I think it has the answers

  2. I agree to Lakshmi,

    Take cues from the past, the good ones, they can give you reason good enough.

  3. Juhi,

    Hope is what keeps us going. So just sit down calmly and do introspection which will show you what path to take to get back your confidence.

    Take care

  4. Dont be afraid.... just give some space to urself!! :)

  5. it's natural..!!
    you can write only when u are sad :P
    and thts why i can't these days!!
    saou truth :(

  6. u l never really know will u ?? :P

  7. At the age of 14 or 15 or 16, you have'nt lived a life, to be thinking of beginning another.
    Yet, the depth of your feelings is touching. What you write is more out of imagination and less out of a state of mind. But you have a way with words to make them so real!
    Convert your imagination into vision girl, and you will be the best blogger ever --- to begin with!

  8. Even I'm having all these questions in my mind..:'(


Your words mean a lot :)