Thursday, October 14, 2010

Now I Know..

People come and go,
But very few stay till the end...
That I now know.

Promises are made by many,
But hardly any are kept.
In this path of life,
Nobody really holds our hand...
That I now know.

We gotta find our own way,
Our dreams we must fulfill on our own..
People try to put us down,
They pretend to care.

Nothing lasts forever...
That I now know


  1. this is rather sad...i tend to believe life is faced better holding hands...but there ar things we have to face on our own...

  2. the other thing you need to know is,
    that knowing isn't enough.

  3. speak words that are only true... it's so sad to think and accept those things you've mentioned in this poem but it's part of the reality...d(///-)b...

    ...thanks for droppin' by my blog... and for leavin' a comment...just don't be shy to come back again!!!;)

    Good day!!!:)


  4. Simply Well Written..
    It Hurts When We Come To Know About The People Who Ditch Us .. Very :( :(
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  5. Nothing lasts forever - Sad but true.

  6. the choice is always yours. but once accepted, things become a whole lot easier.
    and i dont know about you but i would rather live with my eyes open and be able to admire the night as well as the day than fear the dark.

  7. Nothing lasts forever that is true, but let it better be something, something different from nothing and it shall persist.

  8. is really true..and i can relate to this..honestly!its like you're voicing my inner thoughts..:D

  9. Juhi,

    Read all pending poems. One of Sep 17 is so touching. Others are full of warmth & love. This one is so true but still one can always find a good friend, gender and age no bar, to lean on. As a matter of fact, one should have such a friend to share what is in one's mind for guidance.

    Take care


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