Friday, February 5, 2010

LolliPop ♥

I want to suck on a lollipop
And cry on the streets.
I want to have a piggy ride on my Daddy’s back,
And I want my Momma to tell me a bedtime story.

I want to suck my thumb,
And fall asleep
About Cinderella and Prince Charming.

I want to fight in the sandpit with those stupid boys,
For breaking my sand castle.
I want to go to kindergarten
And scare everyone saying, my sister’s a witch

I want to run on the streets,
And bruise my hands and feet.
I want to fall off my cycle,
And sit down and cry waiting for my sister to pick me up.

I want my Mum to choose my clothes.
I want to watch Pocahontas with my Dad.
I want to hug my teddy bears close,
And laugh for just no reason.

I want to play with my Barbie dolls,
I want to wear Disney clothes once again.
I want to hold my granny’s hand
And go shopping for vegetables.

Oh how I wish I could do all this again.
Oh how I wish I could be five again.

I want to live,
I want to let go of all my worries.
I want to be a child,
I want to suck on lollipops just once again…

(Yea, that's me in the pik :p)


  1. Heyy juhi!! :0 such a cuteeeee post!! :P muaaaahz!!! loveeed it!!
    I want to suck my thumb,
    And fall asleep
    About Cinderella and Prince Charming.

    soooo loveed these lines! :) awweesome!! keep rokin!!

  2. Hey nice one....i want to be a kid again!! wish it could come true!!

  3. awww...thats so sweet!!
    don't wanna grow up huh??
    who does!! *sigh* my teen days are over :-(

    love ur blog btw. saw u commented on my blog so returned the favor..and this blog kept me following it now...keep writing gal

  4. AWWWWW..
    that's sooooooooooo cute!
    sooooo sweet :))

  5. wowoie..!!
    dis one something everyone can relate to..!!
    i dint have time...u c m so buzy wid studies:) xams were bakwaas!!

  6. Juhi,

    Childhood memories are so charming as one is so innocent and far from worries. You look so graceful in picture.

    Take care

  7. sweet :D

    reminds me of "i wanna grow up once again" :D

  8. ah!! now u made me miss my childhood!! awe, u r soooo cuuute :P hwz exams??

  9. lol....u need 2 concentrate 4 writting something....not for facebooking:)

  10. how cute was that!!
    Loved the way the flow goes till the end...:)



  11. HI!!!
    Lovely Poem
    Speaks for all of us, its difficult to let go childhood:) I felt so nostalgic about it...
    Really cute poem


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