Saturday, September 26, 2009

DrEaM CoMe TruE..

I’d given up on everything until you came by.
Didn’t believe in love, till you showed me what it’s like!

You dried my tears, made me smile.
Showed me that life is actually nice.

You held my hand
And walked with me when I was happy.

You lifted me in your arms
And made me cross the barriers of my life.

You made me believe in myself,
Took away my fear of dreaming.

Your presence is so warm,
In your arms I feel so safe and sound.

It’s so easy to be myself when I’m with you…
I leave my worries behind,
Cause being with you is the best thing I know.

When I’m sad, you sing me those funny songs of yours.
You cup my face in your hands and tell me
It’s all right. It’s okay.

When I shout on you,
You sit and listen.
And when I’m done,
You hold my hands and kiss me gently on my palm.

Sometimes, I wonder how you stick by me.
Even after I’m so mean to you.

You do so much for me,
And in return, I just holler at you.

I love thinking about you,
You make me feel so alive.

When I am with you,
It’s like a dream come true…




  1. Everytime, i wonder hoe this little heart can feel the depth of the true feelings ..

    My dear..U r awesome ...Keep expressing ..would love to read more and more frm u ..

  2. Another sweet poem! Everyone deserves to have somebody like that in their lives. I know I already do. :)

  3. Beautiful!

    Your so young and yet your so soulful.
    You should make a book of your poems one day in the future.

  4. Juhi,

    Another wonderful creation showing relationship between two in true light. Keep writing.

    Take care

  5. amazing as always. I missed reading your blog

    Oh I'm not dead btw!! This is going to be embarassing if you don't remember me.....>_<


Your words mean a lot :)