Friday, May 30, 2008

Poochi: My Angel


First when I closed my eyes, all I could see was darkness;
It surrounded me, surrounded me from all sides.
It was like a barbed fence, which did not let me out.

But then, one day, an angel came,
And it took me out from that fence,
And that angel was no other but you.
You came into my life; you came to fill it with happiness;
And I’m glad it worked!

Your charming face, that can make anyone happy,
Started to flash like a mirror in my mind.
Now, when I close my eyes, all I see is you;
The darkness has vanished.
And when they are open, again I see you.
There’s not a single moment, when I don’t think about you.

You’re like a spirit, enveloping me from all sides,
The only difference is that they do not belong, and you?
O! You are so nice, and you belong to me!

When I’m sad, I wish I could be with you,
And share these tears with you;
And when I’m happy, I wish it all over again.
I wish I could see your charming face light up, once more.
When I tell you some good news.

I don’t know whether I can live without you,
I’m incomplete without a friend, a true friend;
And that’s no other but you.

You are not my shadow, shadows leave when it’s dark,
We are one and we always walk along together,
Just the two of us, and we make one whole!

You were such a faithful dog, that God wanted you for him,
He wanted you to be his guard,
And so, he took you away from me.
He took you away so that you could keep an eye on me along with him.

You are my angel, my life time angle,
You’re Poochi, my dog!
My friend.


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  2. Sorry about your dog. I have two dogs and if anything happened to them I dont know what I'd do. The poem was very nice and sweet.

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  4. Sorry to hear about your dogg. I liked your poem

  5. Touches the heart! Beautiful poem indeed. As for every man must own a Dog, every Dog must own a man too, and I am glad it was mutual!

  6. hi !
    i had a dog who dies. n i was like so sad! i didnt eat 4 a few days, and i used 2 cry a lot ! this poem is really nice and it reminds me of my dog too (weep!weep!)

  7. aaah! sad! sorry!

    actually i was curious to read your VERY FIRST blog post & landed here

  8. "He took you away so that you could keep an eye on me along with him" - really I'm sad.


Your words mean a lot :)