Saturday, May 31, 2008


When I’m sad, you make me happy,
When I’m lonely, you become my friend.
When I’m torn, you are my thread,
When I’m hungry, you are my bread.
When I’m lost, u become my map,
When I’m stuck, u free me.
When I need you, you come to me,
And I love you as much as thee.

As soon as I hold you,
A new bit of excitement starts to form inside me.
Before I read another paragraph
A lot more curiously,
Before I turn my eyes to another sentence,
I become a part of it.
Before I read another book,
I know a new one’s already wating for me!


  1. That is exactly what a book does. What an interesting poem

  2. :)

    books. as long as they arent study books, i can have affairs with them.


Your words mean a lot :)