Wednesday, May 4, 2011



When I was nine, my world crashed down.

The person I trusted the most, gave me an experience that has completely shaken me up. I was left bleeding in the dark, my cries were unheard and the pain left me numb.

That was the first time when my father laid his hands on me in a manner that I failed to understand, but I knew it was wrong.

Not knowing what to do, I rushed to my mother.

But, she turned a blind eye towards my cry and said that I was a curse for the family.

Fear gripped me and the trauma shook me… I was scared, and I thought that maybe my brother would understand.

But, I was wrong. He laid his hands on me too.

The incidents continued. It was either my father or my brother. My mother was least bothered. She just told me that I was a curse!

There was nobody I could talk to. I was kept away from everybody. The corners of my dark room were my only support where I sat and wept. It was just me and the nightmares that followed…

For five years I was treated like dirt. There was nothing I could do; there was nobody who could hear.

My prayers were unheard, my tears failed to comfort me any longer.

My fears soon turned into anger, and when I was fourteen, I realized I could not and I would not tolerate any of this any longer.

Hope rose in me, something from within gave me the courage and I knew I had to get away. I was not used to the outside world, as my room was the only place I ever breathed into. In the cold night, I slipped out of the place that had captured me for so long. I ran and ran and finally collapsed to the ground.

Sunlight beamed upon me the next morning.

A kind soul found me, lifted me in her arms and carried me home.

In between my sobs, I managed to tell her what was going on. She was the first one to listen to me; she helped me fight my past. She gave me justice…she helped me get away from the evil- who gave birth to me!

I’m now a girl of twenty. I help rape victims like me. I live with the wonderful lady who gave me back my life.

My prayers were heard. She was sent to save me!

This world is evil. They think we, females are weak.

Show them what we have got.

Remove the ‘R’ from Fright. F-I-G-H-T back injustice before it’s too late!

We are not a curse. We never were!

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  1. Fiction or Non Fiction? well irrespective of that, its truly courageous. And, I'm gonna come back here.. :)

  2. Well written post. Very moving.

  3. I pray this to be fiction.
    Very moving.

  4. thanx for visiting my blog.thoughtful story. u have a nice blog.specially ur pics. liked it.follow u.

  5. its really wonderful writing ....keep going and friend i m following you just keep go...go...going !!

  6. Very inspiring and true.. :) :) You sent a great message through it.. :) :)


  7. Loved it...Great message through this story!

  8. Your new template looking Cool 8)

  9. I wish it to be a fiction only.. It disheveled my soul deep within. Traumatic description was shaking.
    A powerful message delivered. Good work.

  10. good it is fiction. if it ws true it would surely have left something more than a bad taste in my mouth

  11. Juhi,

    I pray that nobody undergoes this experience ever. Good fiction.

    Take care


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