Monday, July 12, 2010

Guiltily In Love...

Slowly, he inches forward
And leans over me.
He looks into my eyes
And I just can't look away.
His hands slide around my waist,
And slowly, his grip tightens.
I hold onto him, but deep down...
I want to get away.
He kisses me softly,
I can feel him in me,
His scent fills me up,
His warmth touches my heart.
He holds me tightly,
And kisses me on my forehead.
I want to speak up,
But I'm filled with guilt.
I know I'm lying and I want to confess.
I remind myself, that I have no rights to play with his heart.
I want to tell him everything, even if it means I'll loose him...
But instead,
I lean on his shoulder and hold him tight,
I love him, but the guilt eats me up...


  1. awesome!!
    just too honest!!
    n i really loved it :D
    dun ever think of deleting..!!

  2. Yes! Telling truth is most daring thing to do. Accepting truth is much more that that. I feel every word.

  3. telling the person how you feel, sometimes it helps on many things. But at least it takes the load off the chest.

    Nice one

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Utterly beautiful and honest.. loved it :)

  5. Aww.. That was so sweet.. :))

  6. what a transparent post..!! kudos..!!

  7. Okk.. guilty or not .. I don't know.. but talented you are ..

    Hey Dear I'm Back

    Awaiting your comments on my new poem to see is I am as good .. or have I rusted in these 3 months !!


Your words mean a lot :)