Friday, June 4, 2010


Sometimes you're good to me,
Sometimes you turn your back on me.

Sometimes you say that you care,
Sometimes you just walk away.

Sometimes you're sweet to me,
Sometimes I see hatred in your eyes.

Sometimes you hold me close just like before,
Sometimes you push me away.

Sometimes you call and talk for hours,
Sometimes you ignore my calls and tell me not to disturb.

Sometimes you're all calm,
Sometimes you yell.

Sometimes you say that you still love me,
Sometimes you say that it's all over and there is no turning back!

Sometimes everything's perfect, just like before.
Sometimes it's all broken apart; I am unable to mend!

It hurts,
Cause I don't know what you want from me

My broken heart just can't stop bleeding
Cause you pop in and out all the time.

Sometimes I wish you'd walk just walk away
And leave me forever.

Sometimes I wish you'd hold me close
And be with me forever.

But most of the times,
I just wanna go back and make things fine between the two of us.


  1. My broken heart just can't stop bleeding
    Cause you pop in and out all the time"
    loved it!!
    too honest :D
    i like d emotion u try to convey here!!
    TAke CaRe!! :)
    n 4 a change...m d first one 2 comment!!

  2. Juhi,

    It is true that KABHI HAAN KABHI NAA in a relationship hurts the most.

    Take care

  3. this is a true honest feeling..i know the feeling..and about how you realistically imply the hurt and deserve a two thumbs up from me :)

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  4. You are so sweet. "those little words of encouragemant during my heart problems meant so much to me. Thank you!!!

  5. Burn the bad memory...they will tur to ashes and ashes are like sand.
    And You already know when you try to grasp the sand it falls through the hands.

    take care kid

  6. loved it
    Bdw Being single is way better den being into a relationship !
    Stay happy keep smiling:)

  7. n sometimes i'm amazed at the quality of your writing...effortless yet classy :)

  8. saw new templates??..they r nice!!
    try out :D


    Happy Father's Day
    To Dads in your family!


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