Just Another Woman In Love.. Part 2

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He never told me about his wife, and nor did I ask him. In fact, I knew nothing about his life. I just wanted to be around him. We’d walk in the park at night once he was done with his work. We’d sit and talk, and we’d make some more love. Behind the bushes, in the tree house of the park, in the bar and sometimes in my apartment. He never took me back to his place, and I figured that his wife was back home.

She often called while we were together. He often avoided the calls, often said that he was in a meeting and would be late. But he also often walked away from me to talk to her. I didn’t like the secretive behaviour. But I liked having him around me. I liked the way he felt.

“Tell me about your wife.” I asked.
“Why do you want to know?” He laughed.

I say nothing for a while.

“Do you think that I could be your wife someday?” I gradually ask, waiting for an answer. He just laughs, kissing my shoulders.

“I like being with you, but you need to know that we can have nothing more than this. Okay?”

I close my eyes and nod. I try to stop the tears from flowing.

I lie in the dark with him. His grip is tight around me, and I feel so weak in front of him.

I waited all night for him. He said that he’d come, but he didn’t. I cooked for him, dressed up.. But he just didn’t come. 
I spent the night smoking away in the balcony. And for once, I felt very alone.
“You didn’t come.” I said, when he walks inside the apartment.

“I was busy.” He says, as he comes closer to kiss me.

“Busy with what?” I push him away from me.
“That’s not your concern.” He pulls me closer to him and starts to kiss me again. I want to walk away, but I can’t. When I don’t respond to him, he lets go off my hand.

“I have a daughter. She’s six. It was her birthday. I’m sorry I couldn’t come to you.” He says.

“You have a daughter?” I was shocked, though I didn’t have any reason to be shocked.
He was a married man. It should have been obvious that he had a family. I walk away from him and lock myself in the washroom.

I stay in there for a long time.

“Mummy, where is daddy?” I ask.
My mother says nothing. I ask again and again, but she does not respond. She’s crying. It gets louder, and I don’t know what to do.
“He’s gone. Your daddy left us for another woman.” She gradually says.


I wake up. I cannot see that dream any longer. It’s haunting. I cannot be like the woman who broke my family apart.


  1. the beauty of irony. amplified by the irony of a moral crime brought about by an immoral dilemma :)

    so very well written ma'am

  2. That was pretty well written, although personally I don't have much sympathy for women (and men as it happens to them too) who allow themselves to be used by someone in a relationship. It's just a personal opinion and doesn't really change how I feel about the writing.

  3. Harsh realities well penned, Juhi:)

  4. a well crafted story...past in some form or the other tends to repeat itself...but we still have the power to change it...loved it...:)))

  5. ugh what a revelation eh? becoming that which we hate the most...the one who tore our own family apart...

  6. It has many emotions and it has a lot of maturity. Words flow in your narration.

  7. The narrative well capture the perspective alive... a story with a message ( like saru said it had lot of maturity).

  8. realization at the end was the most beautiful part of the story :)

  9. Very Nicely Written...Both the Part and the feelings,the environment,the situation beautifully expressed with words...

  10. most of the time it s hard to accept that it s imaginary...

  11. Realization..its sad it always comes hard and late to us!

  12. You always have your readers wanting for more :)

    Stay Blessed ^_^

  13. The ending sure takes the icing. Great writing!

  14. The plot was good and the final twist to the story made the reading worth it!

  15. nice... :)

    long time...

    take care and have a nice day

  16. Wow!! What an ending!
    "I cannot be like the woman who broke my family apart. "


  17. good that the dream ended there :)

    nice shot :D

  18. This narrative is very nice ;) Amazing!

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  19. PhilO,

    Visiting you after a long time. Enjoyed the poem in Dirty Dancing. A very engrossing story with emphasis on right values.

    Where have you vanished after this? Do start writing again.

    Take care

  20. That's how grandma writes... bravo work! :-), start again juhi... we need you back on blogger!

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